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"Getting SCREWED Over By An Insurance Adjuster?"

You need insight to how they think and what their next move will be. Claimbuster does just that for you!

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Being involved in a car accident is never a good experience. If you have an accident injury claim, you may want to involve a professional car accident lawyer. Injury lawyers can help you with car accident medical bills and auto injury compensation.

However, accident attorneys will rarely ever help you with your property damage claim for your vehicle. whether your vehicle is a total loss, or repairable, if you involve an injury lawyer to help you with your property damage, they will expect 33% of your total loss settlement.

You could always get help to settle your injury claim The Claim Buster eBook is written to help those who have been injured in a car accident, and those who weren't injured but have a property damage claim with an insurance company. Even if you don't have an injury claim, you need to recover as much money as possible to get your life back to normal after being involved in a car accident. Finding a Replacement Vehicle is a top priority!


RJ KaminskyHello Claimbusters,

I had an amazing experience using your inexpensive little ebook.

I was initially offered $1808 for my totaled 1990 Honda Accord. I somehow found your ebook online and chose to buy it to see if I could challenge their offer. My car was in really great shape and I felt it was worth more than what they offered.

I did a little computer work as explained in your ebook and sent the "Total Loss Demand" sample letter from your ebook which I slightly altered to fit my case.

Today I received a call from the at fault insurance company with a new offer of $2654 for my car. An $846 increase. And it gets better!

Out of the blue, another claims adjuster called from the at fault insurance company and offered me $450 for "Pain & Suffering" or the minor inconveniences of not having a car for a couple of weeks (Loss of Use). So, my initial $1808 offer, now stands at $3104.

That turns out to be a $1296 total increase from my original total loss offer. I hope you know how grateful I am for your Ebook!

Thank you so much,

RJ Kaminsky


Are you dealing with a stubborn insurance adjuster?

Insurance adjusters are paid to make your auto accident claim payout as little money as possible. In the insurance world, this is called Loss Economic Opportunity or, LEO.

Every quarter insurance claim adjusters are reviewed and will get pay raises and pay decreases based on their LEO. They are trained in technical terminology to scare you into a low auto claim settlement by making it sound Property Damage like they have the upper hand and what they say is the bottom line with your car accident. Auto adjusters are very good at what they do and they do not care about your personal situation.

When dealing with 150 to 500 claims at once, you can bet that you are not their top priority car accident insurance victim. You are entitled to a fair claim settlement. Do not let an insurance adjuster tell you they cannot give you more for your settlement, or that it is simply out of their hands. With the correct knowledge and training, you can fight back!

Our auto accident training manual, The Claim Buster eBook, will guide you from the start of a car accident claim until you have a claim check in your hand that you deserve. Affordably priced at only $29.95 $12.95 , you can't afford not to read this valuable car accident claim information.


Charlie from Bethesda, Maryland writes:

My Insurance valued our totaled 2006 Prius at $19,432. I used the information from the Claimbuster eBook and promptly received a revised offer with an additional $2,519! That's a heck of a return on my investment from the Claimbuster ebook.

Thanks so much for your help!

- Charlie


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Is your car a total loss after your car accident?

What does it mean to have your car deemed a total loss by an insurance appraiser? This simply means that the damages caused by the car accident will cost more than 70%, 80%, or 90% (depending on the insurance company) of the total value of your vehicle to repair. It is going to cost them less to replace your vehicle than it is to repair it, therefore, your vehicle is a total loss. By law, the insurance company has the right to make this decision. You have little control over this. What you do have control over is how much they pay you for your vehicle replacement value, despite what a claim adjuster may have told you. Remember, never accept the first settlement offer.

The Claim Buster eBook will give you the strategy and knowledge to beat the insurance company at their own car-evaluation game. You will have the knowledge to pick apart the insurance vehicle value appraisal that was done on your vehicle and tell them where they are flawed. By doing this you put the ball in your court, and more importantly, you will put more money in your pocket.

How can you recover what your vehicle is worth?

fair market valueAfter a car accident, an inspection, repair estimate, and appraisal will be performed on your vehicle. With thousands and thousands of car accidents nationwide everyday, the auto claim payout's are astronomical. You can bet the insurance company is going to save every dollar they can on every car accident claim that comes their way. This comes out of your claim and the money that is rightfully yours. The Claim Buster eBook will give you detailed instructions on how to put together a professional demand package to prove the actual cash value of your vehicle. The Claim Buster eBook will also tell you what not to say which can be just as important as everything you should say when dealing with insurance adjusters.

How can you prove the fair market value of your vehicle?

The insurance adjuster will give you an over-detailed appraisal of your vehicle listing every option, lack of upgrade, and prior damage your vehicle has. It will even tell you how clean or dirty your car is! This bogus report is built with every trick in the book to nickel and dime the value of your vehicle until they have 'proof' that your vehicle is worth thousands less than what it would actually sell for. You are entitled to compensation equal to what you could have sold your vehicle in your local market for the day of the accident. You will not only learn how to provide the total loss adjuster with proof of your vehicle's value, you will also be able to pick their appraisal apart and disprove their research so your appraisal is the only one left standing.

Here's a free tip to save you $250.

Just to show you a piece of this valuable money saving information, I'm going to give you a tip that will save you hundreds of dollars just by mentioning it to your insurance claim adjuster. Look at your appraisal, you should notice a deduction for your vehicle not being 'Dealer Ready'.Dealer Ready What this means is that if your vehicle was going to be sold at a dealership they would have to pay this much money to get the vehicle cosmetically ready for sale. There's just one problem, your vehicle wasn't at a dealership, nor was it even going to be sold the day of the accident. This deduction is usually around $250. Go ahead and try it! When it works you will definitely want to see what the rest of The Claim Buster eBook has to offer.

How does prior damage on my car affect me?

If prior damage is found on your vehicle from a prior car accident, or other type of collision, they can deduct the repair cost from the value of your vehicle. The insurance claim adjusters take full advantage of this opportunity to give you less money. We would even say they abuse this because in order for you to fight the value, you will need to get a repair estimate for that specific damage, and it could cost you. Your best bet is to raise the overall value of your vehicle using the techniques taught in The Claim Buster eBook. It's also cheaper than sending an appraiser to evaluate the prior damage.

What is Tort Law?

The Tort Law basically states that you are entitled to fair compensation for all losses. In more relatable terms, the insurance of the at-fault driver must restore your life to the condition it was in before the car accident. Of course, the insurance is bound by the at-fault driver's policy limits. Once those limits have been reached, you have to pursue the actual driver who hit you to recover any supplemental dues. A list of these dues can be found in our eBook. Purchase The Claim Buster eBook now.


Here is a testimonial about Glen's case from Colorado:

"State Farm's initial settlement offer was $3,268

I called the radio show of a local consumer advocate, and he said $3,286 was a very good offer that I should accept. He was not affiliated with any insurance company; he fights them all the time. He referred me to an appraiser he used who could provide an even more credible number. That man said the car was only worth $2,100. Even those so called "experts" seemed to side with the insurance company and told me to basically give up.

The conversations I had with the insurance adjuster went on and on. It is obviously a big game to them. When I asked the very questions mentioned in The Claimbuster eBook, he sounded like he was not at all accustomed to hearing these questions and he had either no answer or very weak responses.

Their 2nd offer - $4,090 (after I mentioned they omitted features, and could not find any 1996 Subaru Legacy L 4-door sedan selling for that)

I gave them a list of Subaru's selling in the Denver, CO area. They would not accept them, claiming they were not comparable. I told them that the prices of the 1995 Subaru Legacy L sedans were, if anything, low because they were older and had higher mileage. There retail prices were well above $4,090. One was even listed for $5,445. The adjuster's only response for that was they had called the dealer and it actually sold for only $4,800 (which I pointed out was well above $4,090). Ha ha!

The insurance adjuster kept telling me how their evaluators used NADA data, and it was the standard, that they had a database with several million cars, not just 2 or 3. I asked him just how many of them are 1996 Subaru Legacy L 4-door sedans in the Denver area, and demanded that he produce the actual appraisals of the very vehicles use to arrive at their value. Adjuster said they could not release that, which I said made those numbers unacceptable and unsubstantiated figures spewed out by a black box, that State Farm just paid these auto evaluators to spit out unjustified numbers that State Farm could not back up but wanted to hear.

It was the first time I had a claims adjuster on their heels, who could not ever come up with a credible defense to their ridiculous offers.

When everything I learned from Claimbuster was on the table, the 3rd & final settlement offer was $4,790! Plus sales tax and title certificate cost. That's $1,522 MORE than my original settlement offer. I bought Claimbuster for only $19.95. It was obviously a great investment.

My favorite response from the adjuster was when the offer on the table was $4090. The adjuster said the dealer's $5,445 asking price for a 1995 Subaru Legacy L 4-door sedan was not representative of what they can be purchased for. The adjuster had called the dealer and found out that it only sold for $4,800 (hardly good support for the pending offer).

Claimbuster's guidance was a big help and earned me $1,522!

Thank you!"

Glen From Colorado


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Can I retain my vehicle even though it's a total loss?

The answer is YES. You do have the right to retain your total loss vehicle. The insurance company can legally deduct the salvage value of your auto from your settlement. The salvage amount is negotiable using the tactics taught in the Claim Buster eBook.

Who is CCC? What is take price?

After deeming your vehicle a total loss, the insurance company will obtain a vehicle evaluation report. This evaluation report usually comes from one of two companies, CCC Information Services Group, Inc. or ADP/Auto Source. These companies specialize in low-balling the value of your vehicle so that insurance companies can pay you less money.

Claim Buster has the tips and tricks you can use to pick these evaluations apart and raise the offer on your vehicle. You may notice the comparable vehicles that are listed on these evaluations all are valued at the 'take price'. The Claim Buster eBook will tell you all about the take price and what it means. More importantly, it will tell you how you can get more money for your claim settlement.

Is your vehicle repairable?

When the repairs on your vehicle cost less than 75% of your vehicle's value, the insurance adjuster will send you to a repair shop to complete the vehicle repairs. Wait a minute... what if you don't want to go to their body shop, or worse yet, the dealership they chose for your vehicle repairs? It is your right to have the vehicle repaired at the auto collision or body shop of your choice.

The negotiations don't stop there. What about a car rental? What about compensation for the time you have been without your car?

Did you know you're entitled to loss of use?

In a car accident claim, the at-fault insurance company is on the hook to give you fair compensation for each day you are without your vehicle. This is called Loss of Use. How much per day of loss of use are you entitled?

Diminished Value

If you were in the market for a used vehicle and you came across two identical cars, both of which seem like a fine choice, they have the same options, the same mileage, and the same price, and you learn that one of the cars has been in an accident, would you rather purchase the car that had not been in an accident, or the one that had been wrecked and repaired? Does it matter how bad the accident was? You would obviously choose the car without prior damage. How much do you think the owner of the wrecked vehicle would have to drop the price for that vehicle to sell? The difference in value of the wrecked vehicle and the one in good condition is the diminished value. Before you go telling your adjuster that you have a diminished value claim, The Claim Buster eBook will teach you the correct procedure that should be followed in order to claim the maximum amount of money for your settlement.


After reading your ebook, I was no longer confused about the total loss dispute process. Claimbuster eBook taught me how to prove what my car was worth. I am a 58 year old woman and had no experience in any of this, I had no idea it could be so complicated. I thought I could trust the insurance company and the adjuster, but I found out that being so trusting was not in my best interest. I even learned how to mitigate my damages. I would have been in serious trouble if I hadn't learned that. Claimbuster even provided me with a settlement demand form that was easy to fill out. It helped my appraisal to look even more professional, and helpped me raise the offer and recover loss of use.

Thank you Claimbuster for helping me to get $2,809 more than the insurance company first offered me.

Becky, Rogue River, Oregon


Car Accident Help

Thousands have had a better experience dealing with adjusters after their car accidents and proven their vehicle is worth more than the insurance company is willing to give them for their total loss, by using the information in The Claim Buster eBook.

We know that every situation is unique. Sometimes you need even more help. It is our promise to answer every email and give extra help when needed and when reasonable.

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